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1 the angle formed by the inner sides of the legs where they join the human trunk [syn: fork]
2 external sex organ [syn: genitalia, genital organ, genitals, private parts, privates]

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From croc, ‘hook’.



  1. The area where something forks or branches, a ramification takes place.
    • There is a child sitting in a crotch of that tree.
  2. The (ventral) area of a person’s body where the legs fork from the trunk.
    • He was kicked in his crotch.


area where something forks
area of a person’s body
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Crotch may refer to:
  • Any region or an object, where a trunk splits into two or more limbs. This can include branching regions of trees, buildings, diagrams, animals, etc.
  • A term used in tailoring; important for fitting trousers properly. One of the important measurements for clothing size is the inseam leg (=inside leg) which is the distance from the crotch to where the trousers are normally worn e.g. ankle.
  • Bark inclusion can occur at the crotch of a tree. When the bark of touching limbs of the tree is within the tree it is called bark inclusion.
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